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Hey guys! As you may have guessed from the journal title, I’m going to be having a sale to fund a (rather pricey) birthday present I’d like to buy myself. It’ll be open from now until the end of February - once the birthday month passes, so does the sale, so get on it while you can!

As usual everything will be listed in CAN currency, so make sure to convert it to your currency to get accurate pricing. Shipping is calculated specific to each order and varies depending on the size of your package, but on average it’s $12 for US and $20 for international.

- Everything I have ready to ship will have the lowest price, listed individually below.

- Next lowest will be things I have already made and thus have a pattern for (and have the materials on hand).
     - Ex. Reg $75 for $55, $45 for $35, etc. 

- Last lowest are custom pieces where I have to create the design, but have all the materials required on hand.
     - Ex. Reg $75 for $65, $45 for $40, etc 

- I’m also up for offering extra discount if you order more than one thing, including combinations of ready to ship and made to order items. If you want to know, just ask!

- If you want a piece that I don’t have the materials on hand for, I’m afraid it will be full price and pushed to the end of my queue. 

Thanks for looking, and double thanks if you buy anything :D

Asriel reg $45 on for $25

Flowey reg $20 on for $10

Toriel reg $45 on for $25

Napstablook (includes dapper hat) reg $20 on for $10

Mini Frisk reg $15 on for $7

Sardonyx reg $75 on for $45

Garnet reg $75 on for $45

Amethyst reg $75 on for $45

Tuxedo Pearl reg $75 on for $45

Dancing Pearl reg $45 on for $25 Sold!

Xaver reg $45 on for $25

Claus reg $45 on for $25

Punio reg $20 on for $10

Lady Bow reg $20 on for $10

Badman Vegeta reg $45 on for $25

Tori the Ringmaster reg $25 on for $15

Dagger Throw Duo reg $30 on for $20

Dormi reg $75 on for $45

Bernie Bird Family reg $90 on for $50

Ami and Rumi reg $90 on for $50

Boomer Bird reg $30 on for $20

Birthday Bear Family (only 2 bears, large one has 2 outfits) reg $90 on for $50

Mimikyu Drawstring Backpack reg $135 on for $75

Kingdom Hearts Hoodie (Size Medium) reg $75 on for $45

Dog Hooded Scarf reg $75 on for $45

Ember’s End reg $90 on for $50

Soap Saver $7ea or $12 for 2, $18 for 3

Basketweave Dishcloth: $6ea or $10 for 2, $14 for 3, $20 for 4

Hanging Dishcloth: $10 ea or $18 for 2

Face Scrubbies: $1ea or $2 for 3

Owl Mittens: $15ea or $25 for 2

*All the cloths and scrubbies are made of 100% cotton, the mitts are acrylic lined with polar fleece. Ami's and hooded scarves are acrylic yarn with polyfill stuffing. The sweater is a soft wool blend. 
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TheLunarPanda Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Student General Artist
darnit I want the sardonyx but I'm broke so I can't pay xDD

actually i want all of it but that would be a hefty fee
Vivacia18 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
Lol no worries, I feel the same every time an artist posts sales or commissions :XD:

I am considering leaving my stock up for reduced price permanently though, and just ending the custom commission sale at the end of the month, since I really do want to clear some space. So keep an eye out for that update in March ^^
Tia-tony Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
Hooo a journal!! I thought they were extinct.

I know this sounds worn out; but if I could help I would, but winter isn't my productive season, I literally spend all time wrapped like a burrito on a blanket. Note: real burritos do not folds on the ends :hoLA: 
Vivacia18 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
Pfft, I know, you don't see many journals outside of groups anymore, eh? And no worries, I know it's a hit and miss with these things when it comes to timing, but it never hurts to get the word out there :aww:

I'm with you on the blanket burrito - it's the only sane way to deal with the season!
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